AccuWeigh™ systems will track per input performance statistics, allowing you to easily see who / what are your top producers.

AccuWeigh™ systems will make your production operations less maintenance intensive by tracking downtime and alarms.

AccuWeigh™ systems will make your entire production operation more efficient by optimizing how you operate.

  AccuWeigh™ production monitoring systems not only help you be more productive, they allow you to visualize your production data in ways never before seen by providing access to data no other systems can, let us show you today what AccuWeigh™ can do for your operations!
AccuWeigh™ focuses on excavator production and efficiency.

Consider what makes knowing about an excavator’s performance difficult:
  • The machine is often many miles away from the mine.
  • It runs 24/7.
  • It is affected by a wide range of issues that require a wide range of experienced people to understand (electrical, mechanical, lube, etc).
  • It is subject to extreme conditions.
  It would take a significant amount of resources, records, and analysis to manually keep track of the operation of a mining excavator. An advanced system is therefore required to provide for all aspects:
  • Machine monitoring & data collection.
  • Interpretation of raw excavator data.
  • Lossless, error-free transmission of vast quantities of data to mine office.
  • Useful and effective presentation of data.
AccuWeigh™ was designed by Drives & Controls Services, INC (DCS)
to interpret and present data that is continuously collected on a mining excavator.

  This allows a mine to evaluate and optimize the performance, production, and reliability of that machine. In order to achieve this, DCS drew upon its vast experience in designing excavator electrical systems and controls as a basis for today’s AccuWeigh™ system. The roots of an AccuWeigh™ system are largely developed from a typical DCS control system. Many of the machine conditions that are analyzed by AccuWeigh™ are already monitored by DCS programming, such as system voltages, currents, and rope positions. The extension of DCS’ dragline control to accommodate AccuWeigh™ has been accomplished through a highly -structured and powerful set of computer software components. The software that accomplishes bridging the difficult translation from raw machine data to polished, powerful reports has become the flagship and heart of today’s AccuWeigh™ system. The latest AccuWeigh™ system spans across DCS’ experience in maintaining such an advanced system across a very difficult and unaccommodating environment. There are a multitude of issues that arise from these aspects of mining excavation. DCS has explicitly addressed and solved the issues that would otherwise hobble the effectiveness of a production monitor.
AccuWeigh™ has become the most powerful, most innovative, and most reliable production monitor in mining excavation.
DCS strives to offer the best support in the industry in order to minimize issues and increase customer satisfaction.
This commitment reflects the strong support offered by DCS and its field service representatives in regards to all of DCS’ products and our strong belief in the AccuWeigh™ product name.