System Overview

The system is made up of several independent components that all work in unison to provide consistent data collection, data logic enforcement, operator interaction, and seamless data transmission back to the home office for reporting analysis. Mine control networks can be inhospitable places, the individual components are designed to operate as independently as possible to allow for conditions that may cause failure in one component yet allow the other components to function. System health monitoring in AccuWeigh™ web allows the users to keep an eye on the overall status of these components so when things do go wrong, they can be identified and addressed. AccuWeigh™ utilizes an onboard industrial solid state computer and a high visibility touch screen to provide an operator interface and data collection platform. The components have been tested over years of development to provide a stable and reliable platform under the toughest of conditions and harshest of environments.

AWHMI (AccuWeigh™ Human Machine Interface):

  Additional data is provided by the AccuWeigh™ HMI to assist the operator in using the excavator to its maximum potential. The interface makes up the top banner of a screen when the operator is using the dig screen, but otherwise hides itself so that the entire screen can be used for the display of information. The operator inputs their name, current activity, pit, and seam into the interface. Each entry logs a separate chronology entry into the production data indicating the exact time the combination of inputs was selected.

   The *Current Activity* status is programmed to time downwards from a configurable value, and it is reset by a condition that indicates the activity is still occurring. This allows each activity to have an individually configured time frame in which its repetition should be detected. If/when the *Current Activity* time completely elapses, AccuWeigh™ assumes that the activity entered by the operator is no longer happening, and prompts the operator for a new activity to explain the change in production. Since many codes related to maintenance or certain styles of digging result in no complete indications of activity, they are then programmed to not count down so that they remain the present activity until detectable activity resumes.

  The *Time In Code* status simply displays how much time has elapsed within the current activity. It resets whenever a new activity has begun.

  Inputs such as the current operator/activity/pit/seam are all selected via a touch optimized interface, this allows the machine operator to easily navigate grouped sections of inputs in a manner familiar to most people from the touch screen electronics they use every day.
More than just a production monitor!

  Our HMI monitors all of the critical data points the operator needs to operate the machine more efficiently. Easy to navigate high contrast interfaces are easy to see under all conditions day or night.

   If the control system controls it, our HMI can tell you more about it. With more information at their disposal, operators can operate the excavator more efficiently, improving operations and data quality.