Data visualization is everything.

  Collecting quality data is only half the battle, making sense of your production data is what you need. Our extensive understanding of the surface mining industry has allowed us to create standard report types that detail known Key Performance Indicators across typical dragline operations.

  However the system does not stop there, our highly extensible system allows custom data points, as well as custom variations on report schemes to visualize the data they way your people need to see it.

  Tell us what you need, and let our competent development team cater a solution that puts the data your operation needs at your fingertips.
Cross-system compatibility.

  We do not just stop with our system! Do you already gather data from other sources? Talk to our data specialists, we can potentially even integrate your AccuWeigh™ data with other systems using similar data storage, let us know what you have and we will do our best to provide a custom solution catered to your specific needs.
Data Automation.

  With scheduling tools built right into the web interface, and with the help of pre-configured input templates, reports can be scheduled to deliver right into your email at shift changes, daily, monthly, whenever you need your data.