Get more out of your alarm and maintenance data!

  Keeping track of critical points of machine operation is essential to more efficient machine operations, but why stop there? With the optional alarm reporting package, you can do more than just show the operator what is happening on the machine, you can keep track of what has been happening over time. All of this data is carried along with the production data to the central office for reporting purposes. With that data integrated into the same reporting interface, you can manage it the same was as all of your production data, schedule reports, run analyses, and better understand where your maintenance efforts are better spent or where they could be improved.

  Detailed reports allow you to dig through alarm data to see it like never before, find out what has been happening over time, see what could be done to mitigate it. Let us help you leverage your system to make the most of what it has to offer.
  Detailed operator interfaces provide monitoring of key points all over the machine, allowing problem areas to be quickly spotted and isolated, decreasing time spent troubleshooting, and allowing intervention as problems arise or even before.
  Let the people on the ground see what is going on, depending on your interface needs, there is no need for your maintenance people on the machine to have to refer to server reports, let them see what is going on historically right on board for faster access to the data they need.
  With HMI layouts structured just like the machine is actually laid out, you get the information you need at a glance. Interfaces can be customized to an individual location's exact specifications.